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Hi, I’m

Liron Zuckerman

a creative beast, a marketing content strategist, an out of the Box creative director & a killer storyteller.  
 a Creative Director &
Marketing Trendologist

XR, Video & New Technologies

 Years of experience in film, television, and video content (creating, directing, and producing).

Pioneer in the field of new technologies, integrating them in apps, products,  marketing strategies,  systems and organizations. 

MA Tel-Aviv University

Date (2013 -  2016)


(Digital Media Major)

BA Tel-Aviv University

Date (2000 - 2004)

Film and Television 

(Production Major)

Bringing the virtual experiences to life in advertising to engage and excite potential users

Leading creative efforts across:  AR, VR, print, digital, retail, social & video

Managing teams with a passion for mentoring and developing people through a collaborative and teamwork - oriented approach

Strong understanding of all aspects of the product development lifecycle on it's way to market

Go-To-Market Leader to lead operational success, strategic alignment, and integration of content activities across organizations.

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